Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Chasity Clark the Hollywood Star

We always look at the success of the stars and wonder how lucky they are. But in reality they are not only lucky but are hard working and have a hidden team of king makers behind them. This hidden team is always working in the background and back stage making things happen for these stars. If these people are not there then the success the stars enjoy wouldn't be possible. And one of the people who make this happen is Chasity Clark. 

It is a simple fact that you cannot be in more than 1 place at a time. Also if you are truly focused on your career you will be busy working on your assignments and improving your acting skills rather than going to different corporate and production houses. Chasity Clark is one such team who has been behind stars like Zendaya Coleman and is responsible for her success. 

Chasity Clark started out as a serial entrepreneur and a celebrity manager a few years ago. She has launched many successful businesses and being a celebrity manager is one of them.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Chasity Clark: Not involved in Corporate Fraud Case

From many days the False Corporate Fraud Case against Chasity Clark has been in the frontline of the news. The only motive behind this news was to harm Chasity Clark and her client Zendaya Coleman by people who are Jealous by her success. But because this was a false case it could not be proved against her.  People who are against her, have done a lot of hard work to prove that she is involved in Corporate Fraud Case but they couldn't succeed in that.

Actually the main reason for all these negative reports and false cases is the success of Chasity Clark. People who are Jealous of her success from the past few years want to harm her.So they registered all these cases on her. But goodness has always been with Chasity Clark and because of which these jealous people have not been successful in their wrong work. 

It is good news for Chasity Clark and her followers that all these cases have proved wrong against her. 

She needs to be careful about all these kind of attacks because all they can also happen in the future.

Friday, 31 January 2014

Services offered in LaMiss Enterprises by Chasity Clark

Chasity Clark opened an achievement -based Business Development Consulting firm known for LaMiss that creates, builds and maintains customized brands for exclusive clients. It doesn't matter, whether you enhancing your Real Estate Portfolio, enlarge your business project or launching a new product line, LaMiss has the resources and critical planning to ensure your business success. LaMiss uses own network and resources to implement hands-on, systematic Business Development strategies and ensure your financial success from start to finish.

Services offered in LaMiss: -

LaMiss provides diff. kind of services for its diff kinds of client i.e. whether they are Entrepreneurs, Entertainment star or Professional Athletes. Here we describe few of them.

Strategy Plan: - LaMiss provide the strategy planning and asset for your business success. Chasity Clark understands your situation and creates a plan for you to achieve your goals.

Business Development Support: - Starting with a broad research and analysis phase LaMiss team develop a business development strategy for your project to reach set benchmarks as an individual and/or company. Then they check how to take best advantage of our expansive network of resources and strategic accord to meet and outpace all of your ambitions. They also provide the business plan preparation, strategic planning and project funding.

Branding Your Venture: - LaMiss specializes in using our huge network of experts and Strategic companion in branding your venture to develop a clear and measured statement about who you are and what you want to attain. Here they think about the Brand Identification, Brand Creation, Brand Management and E-Marketing & Strategy.

Brand Management Services: - A big brand is about building and managing energetic awareness in the minds of customers. So that at LaMiss they check for the things like what are the reasons for creating your Corporate Brand? Are you making the most of your market position? In addition, they make more for you now and create more opportunities for tomorrow.

I think this is the best enterprise, which Chasity Clark opened for people who haven’t a good asset or resourses to complete own dreams of becoming a good businessman.
What you think about it?.....

Monday, 27 January 2014

Few interesting success factors about Chasity Clark’s life

Chasity Tillman Clark is the most famous celebrity manager and businesswoman in USA who has made every task she started into a great success. Her popularity and achievements gave her a chance to sit one on one with President Obama. She is a role model for younger’s who wants great success in their life from tiny age.

Here we describe some facts about her life due to which she got more success in her life.

  •          She always follows a disciplinary package, a disciplinary role model and a disciplinary adviser in the workplace. She thinks that Discipline brings worth to personality and performance.
  •          She thinks what she performs at work and her homework is the reliability factor for her. According to her, the stronger the base the stronger the work. This kind of thinking became her great businesswoman.
  •          She would voice against unfairness. According to her if you think, you can cheat; don’t ever think you can boss over anyone. She always told that going against unfairness adds the self-credibility and self respect to everyone life. It is the confidence and self-reliance, which can lead through any difficulties and challenges.
  •          According to her if anyone personal growth is getting interrupts in any case, job promotion is least important. Lesser people have the self-discovery as their priority at work, but it should be the first most important thing.
  •          One more thing about her character is that she never thinks herself week to anyone. According to her rules, there is always a difference in a person who following own rules and the one who following others’. Make your own rules, before someone else does it for you.
All above are the factors behind Chasity Clark’s ongoing success, which made her a famous celebrity from celebrity manager. Now she becomes the headlines of news channels, magazines, newspapers etc.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Discovery of Destination Fit4La for hollywood by Chasity Clark

Destination Fit4LA is co-founded by Lanre Idewu, a celebrity fitness expert and Chasity Clark, a realtor specializing in capital management, lending and real estate investment. Before this name, it was be known for Hollywood Hills Mansion or American Idol Home or Los Angeles Mansion where the Top 12 American Idols were housed, now converted into fitness club.

Idewu and Clark were inspired to create Destination Fit4LA to help people get into the best shape of their body on many different levels. Lanre Idewu is both an actor and personal trainer and he has coached several celebs, modeled for the fitness program and combined his talents with real-estate expert or Hollywood celebrity manager Chasity Clark to found Destination Fit4LA.

Chasity Clark’s Destination Fit4LA spread across 16,000 square feet and designed to achieve ultimate fitness for people. Clark facilitate it for people by providing set fair bathroom and suite, a lodge, 70 to 80 foot pool, highly technical entertaining complex and stylish fitness club which is basically designed for ultimate soothing experience.

Clark herself is well maintain and knows the value of fitness in healthy life, so the staff she provided includes well knowledgeable trainers, nutritionist, a counselor, a massage therapist, who apply latest fitness and dietary research to make the body well maintained. The trainers and facilities at Destination Fit4LA are motivating and understanding. People are learning all kinds of new things about their fitness, including bodyweight training and healthy cooking ideas from them. Each morning begins with a beach boot camp followed by roughly four to five hours of training that may include yoga, Zumba or boxing.

Many Hollywood celebrities are the clients of Chasity Clark, who come here to take advantage of this fitness club. The clientele consist of major players of entertaining industry like Zendaya Coleman, Selena Gomez and Bella Thorne etc., athletes, businessman routinely come here and getting fitness tips from the experts. As a fitness manager or celebrity manager of many celebrities like Zendaya Coleman, Selena Gomez, Clark’s discovery (Destination Fit4LA) plays a big role in their success.

Monday, 13 January 2014

Successful business developments by Chasity Clark

Chasity Clark is the founder and the president of LaMiss Enterprises, Destination Fit4La Covenant founding and Covenant Real Estate. She is the most popular businessperson in US. Below are the examples of her expertise, which made her name as a businessperson.

The Covenant Group:

After giving her services in US Navy, she deferentially discharged from there with full admiration. Then after in 2000 Clark founded the Covenant Group, started quickly because of her contact with celebrities, athletes and entrepreneurs and multifarious in many directions. The strong partnership and facilities she provided to her clients for financial institutions and real estate projects made another track for her in the financial world. As her business and sales management skills increased, she came in contact of popular people of entertainment industry, renowned pension fund and high standard individuals for whom she facilitates expenditure opportunities. Her client’s network spans the global economy with strong partnerships throughout US, Europe and the Middle East.

LaMiss Enterprises:

After the successes of The Covenant Group, she never stopped her journey and she launched LaMiss Enterprises in 2010. LaMiss offer business development, competent recording artist and athletes managements, authority and worthless creation and direction and virtual executive director services for corporations and foundations and more. The participants will learn how to enable contributors to win back their investment, discover how to find multi-revenue streams, Gain knowledge of low-risk investment approaches that drag multiple streams of accessory, and encourage high ROI outcomes.

Destination Fit4La:

In 2012, she opened her new business Destination Fit4La, a fitness center that is a result oriented, personal transformation; where anyone can learn how to achieve absolute fitness. That is the home of knowledgeable trainers and nutritionist, who apply latest fitness and dietary research to make the center full immersion weight loss, fitness and wellness program.

Chasity Clark is also a celebrity manager, entrepreneur who helps many celebrities like Zendaya Coleman, Bella throne to achieve their target. She is a well-regarded industry expert with almost 25 to 30 year of experience across all aspects of entertainment and business and has successfully helped fund many independent films, broadcast, foreign language films, web-based film projects, animated films and animation-based projects. Her business marketing knowledge, tough grind, polite behavior, kindness, good image among celebrities is the key of her successful life as a businessperson.
Her journey of success is not ending here it is ongoing.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Hollywood News:Chasity Clark

Chasity Clark, a resident of Alameda County is a Hollywood success story that America is proud of. She is a very successful business woman who has made every venture she started into a great success.  She is living a life of “Stewardship” and is a role model for young ladies.  Her achievements got her into White House in a one on one sit down with President Obama. Publicly, Chasity Clark is Zendaya Coleman's Manager/Aunt, as well as an entrepreneur, a motion picture executive producer, the founder of LaMiss Inc., Destination Fit4LA, Covenant Funding and Covenant Real Estate. Headquartered in the City of Angels, California, Clark’s sales rank her among the top percentage of Realtors nationwide.
Chasity Clark is a licensed realtor, specializes in capital management, lending and real estate investment.  She achieved 20 straight quarters in the National Association of Mortgage Brokers Presidents Club and was number 12 out of over 6800 brokers producing for wholesale lenders nationwide.  She was also named number three on the highest producing brokers in California. Her business development expertise, negotiation skills, market knowledge and no-nonsense, results-driven approach have been a recipe for success.

The successful Diva’s life is a living example of how a person can achieve anything by hardwork and honesty.

Sources close to Zendaya’s camp reveal that the Disney Diva is very proud of Chasity Clark.  These same sources revealed that she [Clark] was in control of the entire White House event from coordinating the acts to holding the White House security passes.  

Zendaya Coleman is definitely a hot commodity for Disney/Buena Vista.  She stars in the hit Disney Channel sitcom “Shake it up” as Rocky Blue, and was a recent contestant on ABC’s, Dancing with the Stars followed by millions of fans, mostly in the teen demographic.